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Our job, here at Hotcakes, is to help you to grow your business. It is always our number one goal to find ways to make your job, and your life, easier. Our blog, documentation and downloads are all chock-full of useful information and tools. Can’t find what you need? Our customer support team is always happy to help.
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The Hotcakes Community is both strong and passionate. You'll find people just like you, willing to step in and help each other with any of your e-commerce needs.  Learn from the experts, or become one yourself.


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Our blog is designed to be as helpful, and user-friendly as possible. You’ll find articles with topics like the psychology of your customers, creating great product images, and how to use Hotcakes, give you tips, tools and tricks that will make your job easier, and more fun.

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Our documentation area is designed for all stakeholders and is filled with useful information and resources. You will find articles about everything from store management to design and aesthetics.

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Our download center is where you will find supplemental files and projects that can be used to accelerate the design and development process. It is our goal to do as much work as possible for you, with our downloads – making your job easier, faster, and a lot more fun.


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We are here to help you from the beginning until the end, because we know that our customer support is essential to your success and satisfaction.. We can help you get started with the software, work to fix bugs, and more.

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Unfortunately, we're unable to support custom code - but we'll still try to help you anyway. Simply post your code related questions on and tag them with "e-commerce." We'll see them and try to answer them there. Promise.

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