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Developers are innovative and intelligent professionals with great ideas to offer, but they are often too swamped with code to share their special skills. We’ve worked to reduce ramp-up time by supplying videos, documentation, and sample Visual Studio solutions. That way, valuable members of your team aren’t wasting their time and talents.

Touch Your Hosting Environment

It’s your site and you want to be involved. With our flexible hosting environment, you can get your hands dirty and dig in to maintain and manage your site, your way, and we will be with you every step of the way.  (Available through an upgraded plan.)
Meet Your Newest Team Member

Integrate Anything,
There are No Limits

Integration can be a hassle, and with some systems it can be next to impossible. Virtually any other product can be integrated with Hotcakes. If the other product allows external apps to talk to it in some way, then our platform will integrate simply and easily.

Endless Extension Points

With endless extension points, Hotcakes grows right along with your business. As you become more and more successful, you will want the freedom to make things happen as you grow.
Endless extension points

Lightweight and Easy-to-Use-API

Developers love this type of API because it is simple and effective. Nearly anything you can do as a merchant in the administration can be done using the REST API and it can be used from anywhere.

Simply Standards-Based

Hotcakes is standards-based, which means that pretty much anyone can use it. Information and troubleshooting advice can easily be accessed from any reputable online source. Your business will enjoy better efficiency as less time is wasted. Use existing skill sets on your team, or easily find what you need elsewhere. Gone are the days of maintaining proprietary and outdated technologies.
Simply Standards-Based

Your Whole Presence in One Place

One login, one vendor, one place for everything. Your entire online presence, and everything that you need to run all of your websites. This simplifies your business, lessens your workload reducing costs company-wide.

Standards-based Security

Your developers have enough to worry about without having to stress over the security of the site. Again, we have designed Hotcakes to be standards-based so that, when it comes to get PCI certified, the software part is already checked off of the list.

Get Started in Seconds with
Sample Solutions and Projects

We are here to work with you to make your vision a reality, which is why we are committed to making it easy for you to use the best tools from well-known software companies. With our simple tutorials and informational articles, we reduce your ramp up time and get you working on what matters.

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